Where Am I?

I’ve swapped my chilly Russian days to discover the rich pastures of Ukraine. Though I haven’t given up on conquering The Land of Winter, I never say no to a new adventure.

I’ve spent 16 years abroad with Ukraine being the 6th country I’ve lived in. I have family scattered around the globe and my siblings and I are all born in different countries. So it’s fair to say life as an expat is rather my destiny than a gap year folly. My first obsession was with the francophone world, now I’m gripped by a Slavic story.

I fluttered over to the golden fields September 26th 2011, arriving as the sun set over Kiev. A splendid view smiled up as my giant bird glided over the blue and yellow land. Yes this new horizon brings new discoveries, new excitement, and new challenges and I’m more than ready for them. So hold on tight for the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly tales The Land of Golden Fields will tell.


First I want to know:




And now a little quiz! Click on the link below to test your Ukrainian knowledge!

The Land of Golden Fields Quiz





3 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. Really well written! Oh my goodness, hope spring comes soon though! Here it is getting warmer and warmer…Feel sorry for the russians 😉

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