The Rada Row


Last Thursday saw yet another clash in the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian Parliament) breaking out (as it has done in past assemblies when testosterone has reached dangerous levels) into a full-on brawl.


Smile for the camera!


Entertaining as it was, it epitomizes what is wrong with this divided land and highlights the brutish way the country is run, plus the lack of female parliamentarians, and the tug of war (and tongues) between the pro-Russian East and nationalist West.

The bust up flared over The Russian Language Bill drafted by the current ruling Party of Regions, led by President Viktor Yanukovych, who want Russian as the official language alongside Ukrainian in the 13 Russian-speaking regions.

The opposition party, Fatherland, headed by former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (currently imprisoned) regard the Bill as another underhand tactic to quash their chances in the approaching October parliamentary elections.



As the Rada Row heated up, the Western World (which has already branded the Ukraine as a rogue state – anti-feminist, alcoholic, backward Soviet, and, at the same time neo-Nazi) looked on in disbelief – adding ‘immature hooligan’ to the list.

Mother Russia, for her part, has been busy backstage preparing for the Punch and Judy show of the year, holding Punch’s strings tightly to give Judy a proper beating with the poll and bring in a full house this October.

So while Fatherland and Motherland battle for custody, a tongue-tied Ukraine has been sent to the naughty chair.






One thought on “The Rada Row

  1. Magnificent. Which brings me to the Red Army facing the Germans, second world war. The final stages of it. Germans were isolated. No food, no arms. They were forced to surrender and the army marched to Siberia.
    Germany announced the surrender with the comment ‘fighting has ceased in the Crimea.’ At least I think it was the Crimea.
    So Russia is a major part of The Ukraine. But they are worried about being too friendly. Democracy may not work!

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