The Blue Ball



As Europe goes through a nervous breakdown, Ukraine tried to cheer her up and patch-up their rocky relationship by throwing a ball. The golden capital turned its heart blue yesterday with a “European Village” on Khreschatyk street. A parade by “The European Youth of Ukraine” entertained and EU shrinks got the conversation flowing.

In a final attempt to woo, spectacular fireworks light up the dreamy starry-blue night.

But was The Blue Ball enough to reconcile the pair?

With a mid-life crisis, gambling, drinking, dodgy dealing, a possessive Russian ex and a jailed suicidal mistress between them, they’ll need more than grand gestures and diplomatic therapy to get past this spat!

Click for video of UA’s romantic (and shaky) date with EU:

Happy Europe Day!





One thought on “The Blue Ball

  1. Are the fireworks indicative of the breakup of Europe? The West? The World? Come to safe, isolated NZ. Sleep at night.
    Two quakes to day. 4.8 and 3.6. Quite close. My house rocked.
    Good description of the mid-life crisis.
    Love, Uncle Ray.

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