The Great Storm


After trotting around many interesting parts (I’ll tell you all about those adventures soon), the wind has swept me back to the Kingdom of Tea & Biscuits. As the rain poured outside and our tea cups overflowed, life here seemed as pleasant as always. That is until The Great Storm began to brew.

Question mark clouds have moved in over The Blue Mass:


Forecast for The Blue Mass


The Republic of Bureaucracy and Orderland are desperately trying to steer their ship, Blue Starry, to safety. Captains Little Cock and Mother Hen must anchor her for giant waves will wash around the world if she should sink.


Little Cock & Mother Hen

Blue Starry in troubled waters

However, The Blue Mass does not stand alone in The Great Storm’s path. Her eye (a black hole of turmoil) is on a greater power: The Greenback Empire. This mighty leviathan is floundering in the deepest and most dangerous waters.


The Head of The Greenbacks is suffering from depression and could collapse!


As for the Kingdom of Tea & Biscuits, we’ve been so preoccupied hanging out our dirty laundry that we’ve hardly noticed The Great Storm gathering. But this is not the first time it has threatened our shores.

A few years ago, an ignoramus spell was cast forming a giant bubble over the land. Revelling in our rivers of rich tea and towering cream cakes, thinking nothing of the wispy winds, our bubble suddenly burst. The towers toppled and the rivers turned red, spilling all over, leaving our biscuit land soggy and crumbling in a sea of red ink.

Our land is still crumbling and may disappear altogether into The Eye.

But never mind the storm; there are rumours of an even bigger threat: a disastrous disease called anti-tea syndrome may be spreading across the kingdom! Now that’s a real CRISIS! What if…… one liked tea anymore!!!



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