White Magic


Hello, hello! Apologies for being away so long; I’ve had quite a few adventures, so will wind back the clock to fill you in.

So where were we…? Ah yes, springtime!

Well, spring eventually did show up in The Land of Winter. By early May butterflies, birds, and blossoms were all around.  Everything came out of hibernation: playgrounds awoke to children’s laughs, rollerbladers took to the parks, and cheerful outfits brightened the streets.

The Snow Queen’s army had fallen!

But… her white magic was still in the air.

Even with all the colours of the rainbow sprouting everywhere, a white sheet swept the land, not  the usual crunchy snow, but a mist of ‘Pukh’!

Having been locked under layers of ice for months on end, Mother Nature went a bit mental.  Free at last, she burst out with a rage of fluffy seeds. Her crazed attack is known as ‘Pukh’ in Russian (basically the noise you make when the stuff gets up your nose!)



So after surviving the snowy war, we now had to battle hay fever and weirdo Russian spring viruses. Try as they might the dizzy and stuffy spells couldn’t bring us down; feeling the sunrays, hearing the birds sing, smelling and seeing the blossoms, made everyone smile. Spring was here, ‘Pukh’ and all! Unfortunately not for long.

In the blink of an eye, the budding season fluttered away and summer made her heated entrance led by the ruthless Mosquito Squadron. The blood suckers have no mercy, spare no flesh, and can leave a lethal bite.

Russia’s summer, just like its winter, is not to be reckoned with. Soaring temperatures, wildfires, angry thunder storms, and endless blood-biting days take full force.  The Snow Queen’s power melts into White Nights. A restless land it is.





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